Walking to make a difference

Shaun Watts and Derek Allan
Shaun Watts and Derek Allan

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

June 16

I played a 50th birthday gig for a fan/friend of We Steal Flyers. It was a nice gig. It’s a nice to share life. The gig was in Washington.

June 17

Up early and off to the cricket at Morpeth for Ellie and Rebecca.

Then it was the Mighty Dubfest in Alnwick. I love this festival and I love Alnwick. Bruce Emmet does an amazing job and every year his hard work makes the festival bigger and better.

These are great places to be, making a field a happy meeting place for thousands of people, with some great things to buy.

It was a great WSFlyers gig too. Nice to see so many friends.

June 18

It was the cricket match at Morpeth in the morning. I love cricket, and seeing Ellie and Rebecca playing is the best.

It was hard ball under 11s league cricket so Rebecca was not playing. Ellie and her team were great. Melanie is getting an understanding of cricket now, hopefully four season tickets for Durham next year.

Sadly, Melanie got heat stroke so the Father’s Day river visit was not a good plan. We went home and had an amazing day rock pooling instead. So much goes on when we are out and about.

Ellie made me a curry and it was lush.

Another week over, but another week lived.

June 19

The weather was just right for watching athletics in Blyth. Rebecca is now running, long jumping and doing hurdles. She loves it, and Ellie still loves javelin and discus.

I like Mondays for gig booking, promotions and things that usually seem never-ending.

June 20

There was a short walk today and a little practice with a hard cricket ball for Ellie as she has not had much practice with these yet and was a little worried.

She was soon playing her shots and realised it was a greater feeling hitting a cricket ball than a swing ball.

June 21 and June 22

All that goes into setting up a charity mission is over and now there’s a muckle walk with Shaun Watts for Alzheimers charity – 24 hours around the lake where so many of us have walked before.

Melanie dropped us off. She set up a camp to keep the supplies and parked the car. This base was something to look forward to when things got tough, walking this far is not easy.

We had a lot of company and only ended up with a few hours walking alone in the night. People were stopping us with a pound or more for our bucket. All I ever ask for is a pound because I know so many people. A very small donation from everyone can make a lot of difference.

I have met an amazing powerful person in Shaun. He just kept on going. I said I would try for any target he had in mind – this was 40 miles. This changed near the end and we went for 50 miles to make it more exciting, no more stops... and we did it. Shaun made it easier than I did.

When you work so hard for people you need to know it is worth doing, and with things like this you really see the difference you are making, with so many joining in to say a few words or walk a lap.

Now that I have met Shaun I know that the big walks with Ellie are possible. We need someone like him to make sure we are never lost. He cares so much and he was also very excited by every penny coming in for the charity.

Melanie is always there to help with making it all possible.

The money went over £700 on the justgiving page. Thank you to all.