Walk, talk, and raise lots of cash

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, who is one half of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th August 2016, 2:05 pm

July 29

Putting in the work hours in the day so we can go and see Durham twenty twenty match against Derbyshire tonight.

We needed to win to go through to the finals and make money, pennies for the club.

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A few glitches with the music today with players cancelling.

We know we can never rely on any job booked for an income as with any self employment. The worry is a part of it and you have to enjoy the challenge.

Durham won and I had an amazing time with Ellie and can feel the walk is so near now.

Melanie and Rebecca went into the MetroCentre to meet Uncle Ben and Aunty Michelle for burgers and shopping.

I met BBC radio commentator Martin Emerson at the cricket. He is great in real life as well as on the radio.

Good people add so much goodness to the world.

July 30

Nice, busy musical day today with an Acoustic Magic Team at the Sun Inn at Warkworth.

Also a full day of music at Seaton Sluice, which was hosted by Mel with 10 different players.

I played a gig with We Steal Flyers in Berwick at Maguires Bar at Ord Holiday Park.

It was a great day and night. So many albums off into the world now.

Home late and bed for 3am with talk of our massive adventure ahead tomorrow.

July 31

Up at 7am and Melanie is doing her “get things ready” run around the house. Off to Berwick to start the walk with Ellie – 65 miles to Cresswell!

We had hundreds of messages supporting us on Facebook and twitter.

Almost £1,000 raised on day one.

The walk was 11 hours on the road with a mix of sun, rain, and wind.

We talked and laughed lots. Amazing views, sand, tracks, roads, fields, deep mud, woods and then the amazing Blue Bell at Belford for free food and top-class room.

Free sweets for Ellie from Heidi the manager and a nice note well wishing.

Andrew and Anita also came to give her some sweets.

We relaxed, read a little and felt so happy and warm.

So much can be done. I love people, they are important, we all need them. I think we should keep them and make them happy.

August 1

Waking up on day two of 65-mile charity walk. It is a great feeling, Ellie is loving the walk and the time we are spending together.

Melanie came early to pick up our suitcase and see us off safely. Little Rebecca is spending a few days with Mel’s mam and grandparents.

We set off walking a little slower on day two.

We had to get to Alnmouth today from Belford.

Once we got off the roads we could make up time heading to Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beal and so on.

We head for places we know and it makes the long day seem shorter.

Six miles to us is nothing as we love walking and talking and making plans.

Seahouses was amazing, Cally the magical Kids book illustrator came to meet us.

We got chips, Ellie got a piece of fish too. It was wonderful.

I haven’t the space here to write everything but the walk was brilliant.

Amazing sights and cold wind.

It makes it easier for us to walk as cold is the weather we are used to walking in.

Melanie picked us up in the darkness and we stayed at home this night with more than £1,000 raised, people are amazing.