Waitress Katherine serves up a boost

The Art House waitress Katherine Jenkins.
The Art House waitress Katherine Jenkins.
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A GENEROUS waitress has gone beyond the call of duty for the Jam Jar Army – by donating her tips towards the £10,000 target for HospiceCare North Northumberland.

Katherine Jenkins decided to put aside the pounds and pence she is paid for providing good service while working at the Art House in Alnwick during the school summer holidays.

And she has seen a remarkable response from customers – one of whom slipped a £10 note into the jar after hearing about her kind-hearted gesture.

The 17-year-old from Shilbottle, who is taking A-levels at the Duchess’s Community High School, said: “It’s nice to get tips, but this is money that I can live without and I thought it would be best to donate it to the Jam Jar Army, which is for a great cause.

“I’ve been explaining about the appeal to customers when they come to pay their bills and they have been really generous.”

Katherine also volunteers at the town’s Barndale House School.