Voters have their say in election

Independent candiate Steven Bridgett.
Independent candiate Steven Bridgett.

TWO new faces will be seen around the Rothbury Parish Council table after a by-election was held last week.

Steven Bridgett and Roz Tinlin, pictured, secured the highest number of votes to become members of the council.

Independent candidate Roz Tinlin.

Independent candidate Roz Tinlin.

Three candidates were standing for the two seats available.

In total, 1,232 votes were cast with Coun Bridgett receiving 525, Coun Tinlin 423 and Christina Downie missing out with 284.

Speaking on behalf of the winning councillors, Coun Bridgett said: “We both want to say how grateful we are to the people of Rothbury in electing us to represent them.

“It is a massive honour and we would both like to say thank you very much

“Can I also at the same time offer my thanks to Christina Downie who would and will make a fantastic councillor.”

Mrs Downie added: “I will live to fight another day and would like to give a thousand thanks to the people who turned out to support me.

“They were so full of goodwill and it was really cheering.”

Turnout for the election was 41.8 per cent – one of the highest at a parish council by-election in the county.

Mick Miller, elections officer for Northumberland County Council, said: “Traditionally rural areas tend to have higher turnouts anyway but to record over 40 per cent for a stand alone parish by-election is very good indeed. I cannot recall a higher parish by-election turnout in recent years that’s for sure.”