Voters have their say

MORE than 200 polling stations will be open on Thursday for voters to have their say in the referendum onchanging the voting system for electing MPs to the UK Parliament.

Around 240 stations will open their doors at 7am and will remain open until 10pm to give residents ample opportunity to cast their vote.

The referendum will seek the UK public’s views on whether the system for electing the UK Parliament should change from the ‘first past the post’ to the Alternative Vote.

The Electoral Commission has posted out an explanatory leaflet to every household in the UK to explain in more depth the proposed changes to the UK voting system. The information booklet is supported by TV, radio and online advertising.

The Commission is also reaching out to voters through social media, with its ‘Victor the vote catcher’ video attracting thousands of views on YouTube.

The four- minute animation demonstrates how votes are cast and counted under both First Past The Post and Alternative Vote. 

Mick Miller, elections manager at Northumberland County Council said: “We are fortunate to live in a democracy, we all have the right to vote and we urge those who are able to do so, to exercise this right to vote.”