Volunteers help people to hear all about it

The Talking Newspaper group.
The Talking Newspaper group.

PROVIDING a vital service for the visually-impaired, the Alnwick Lions’ Talking Newspaper wants to make sure no one is missing out.

The group, made up of volunteers, records stories from the Northumberland Gazette on to cassette and then sends them out to those who have signed up to make sure they get the chance to hear what is being written about.

The Talking Newspaper has been running for around 30 years. In total, 41 people receive the tapes every other Thursday as part of a pack.

Editor Andrew Smail said: “We are all volunteers and we give up our time to do this.

“Those who come along to the Gazette are just part of the team.

“There is another group that prepare the packs which the cassettes are put in to and send them out.

“Tapes are made from a master and duplicated.

“The recordings are in a cassette format and cassette players are available to buy from Penrose’s in Alnwick.

“But it is not just the stories that go on the cassette.

“On the other side we do things like magazines for the visually impaired and programmes like In Touch.”

Some of the customers who receive the tapes have been signed up for more than 20 years, but the group wants to make sure that others are not missing out on the opportunity.

“We are targeting people who have severe difficulties,” Mr Smail said.

“If people need a cassette player we might consider buying one but it is a big investment.”

If you know of a friend or relative who may be interested in receiving the Talking Newspaper, contact Andrew on 01665 602562.