Volunteers carry out mass Boulmer beach litter-pick

Some of the people on the litter-pick at Boulmer.
Some of the people on the litter-pick at Boulmer.

Broken glass, a plastic sign, rusty iron hooks and a dead bunny - these were just some of the items pulled off a picturesque Northumberland beach during a recent litter-pick.

A total of 118kg of rubbish was removed from Boulmer beach on Saturday, with old shoes, bicycle parts, carpets, rusty iron hooks and carrier bags other items among the haul.

Members of Alnwick Rotary Club, villagers from across Longhoughton parish Alnwick Sea Swimmers and local environmentalists teamed up with a regular litter-picking group to tackle clean the stretch from Boulmer Steel to Seaton Point.

Event organiser Eleanor Phillips, who is vice-chairman of Longhoughton Parish Council, said: “We want visitors to enjoy the beach and to see it at its best – litter free.”

Despite the success of the event, which also saw broken creel pots and nets, as well as an array of plastic items plucked off the beach, Eleanor admitted it is a never-ending battle to keep the area clean.

She said: “Sadly, we know that the next tide will bring in more dumped plastics and ghost fishing equipment and that some dog owners and beach walkers will drop litter or not pick up dog poo.

“It’s never ending, but the litter-picking group is determined to keep this litter from at least going back into the sea and killing marine life.”

She said that Longhoughton Parish Council is supporting Northumberland County Council’s latest anti-litter campaign Love Northumberland Hate litter by displaying posters around the parish and encouraging everyone to take pride in their local environment by getting involved in regular litter-picks.

She thanked Bill Pringle, from Northumberland County Council, for providing equipment, as well as everyone who supported the recent litter-pick.