Volunteers capture prehistoric rock art

Seventeen examples of prehistoric rock art in Northumberland have been scheduled as ancient monuments.

Among them is Ketley Crag, near Chatton, where the stone base of a rock shelter has been extensively carved with a complex range of motifs, complete with well-preserved pick marks made by the instrument used to make the carvings.

Other sites added to the National Heritage list are Whitsunbank; Buttony; Doddington Moor; Heddon Hill; Weetwood Moor; Amerside Law, Howden Hill; Wellhope; Lemmington Wood and Goatscrag.

They were all scheduled thanks to information gathered by The Northumberland Durham Rock Art Project, which involved around 100 volunteers who, supported by specialists from English Heritage and Northumberland County Council, captured details of 1,500 individual rock art panels.