Volunteers aid crash casualties

They are known for saving lives at sea, but it didn’t stop Amble RNLI volunteers from springing into action to help casualties of a two-car crash.

Jeff Foster, Simon Baxter and Mark Phillips offered vital first aid and assistance following the accident on the A1068, near to Hadston, last Thursday evening.

One vehicle had rolled onto its roof, while the second had gone into a hedge.

The trio came across the dramatic scene by chance, while they were heading back from a charity fashion show in Ponteland, which was raising money for a new lifeboat at Amble.

They found several people standing around and some lying by the road side.

After establishing that the emergency crews had been called and everyone was out of the vehicles, the three volunteers went to the aid of two young men at the scene.

The pair were complaining of neck pain so the volunteers, who had recently completed an RNLI first-aid training course, stabilised their heads to try to prevent any further injury. There was also a number of walking wounded.

Once ambulance crews arrived, the trio told paramedics about the nature of peoples’ injuries and any information they had about the crash.

A spokesman for the RNLI praised Jeff, Simon and Mark’s efforts.

He said: “Our three volunteers offered valuable first aid and help after coming across the accident at around 10.45pm. They were pleased with the outcome and that no one had been seriously injured.

“They were also happy in the way that they had personally dealt with the situation, bringing into use much-learned skills from the RNLI, such as team work and first-aid training.

“Once our volunteers recognised that people may have been seriously hurt and in need of help and assistance, they swiftly sprang into action to take control of the scene.

“They recognised that the injured males may have suffered potential spinal injuries and any further movement could exacerbate their condition, so they took control of their heads to prevent any damage to their necks and spines and then checked for any obvious injuries.

“There were other walking wounded individuals that did not require immediate attention.

“Once the ambulance crews had departed for the hospital, with a number of the injured individuals, the volunteers continued their journey home.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said a Vauxhall Astra and a Renault Clio were involved, but there were no serious injuries.