Visitors can carve out a new hobby

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PEOPLE in Northumberland are being encouraged to get creative this easter.

Jon Perkins, a Wood Crafts Practitioner, is providing hands-on workshops at Lemoor farm near Rennington.

The workshops, which aim to teach individuals and families wood crafting, will be held from March 31 to April 15.

Using heritage skills and tools, Jon will offer demonstrations and have-a-go sessions for the public.

A selection of workshops will be on offer including willow garden structures, willow shelters and structures and introduction to green wood craft.

Participants will be taught how to use hand tools to produce willow crafts and seasoned hard wood carvings.

Jon who describes the workshops as ‘a breathe of fresh air’ makes use of natural materials so his workshops are envionmentally sound.

Having delivered art and craft based workshops for over 15 years he is keen to share his knowledge with the people of Northumberland.

He said: “I am running these workshops to pass on my skills and to revive the woodland industry.

They allow people to use the tools and techniques to create unique designs which they can take home.

I also feel it will allow people to be creative and focus more on the envioronment.“

Jon began his career as a qualified interior designer before spending a brief spell working with computer graphics.

In search of a more active lifestyle Jon worked extensively in schools and the community before completing a green wood craft course.

He continued to school himself through the skills of green wood working and seasoned wood working aquiring the skills, knowledge and experience needed to teach others.

The workshops run from 10am until 4pm and cost £40 per person including materials.

For more information or to book a workshop contact John Perkins on 01665 571071 or email