Villagers’ joy over crash barrier

Concerned Netherton residents at the bend at Robert's Law,
Concerned Netherton residents at the bend at Robert's Law,
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VILLAGERS who signed a petition to improve a danger bend are ‘thrilled’ that a solution has been found.

More then 90 per cent of the population of Netherton added their names to the document calling on Northumberland County Council to put a crash barrier in place at Robert’s Law, a well-known danger bend, after the plan was launched by villager Gracie Graham.

And as the petition was presented to the council at Monday night’s north area committee in Rothbury, councillors heard that money has been found from an outside body for a crash barrier.

In a statement, Mrs Graham said: “Robert’s Law is, and always will be, a very dangerous steep bend particularly in winter weather conditions and has been an area of many incidents over the years.

“I believe the parish council has also tried over the years to have something done about this with little success, therefore this is why I have taken it onboard as it can no longer continue to be a danger when something can so easily be done to prevent any further accidents and someone being seriously hurt or worse.

“This needs to be made safe for all road users, young and old, businesses, quarry traffic, school transport and emergency services.”

Coun Steven Bridgett said: “Netherton is a very small community and they have shown a remarkable response to this petition.

“One of the things just outside Netherton is Biddlestone Quarry. They have always been keen to support the community and even paid for an extension to the first school.

“Biddlestone has funds available and pending agreement with the council who may need to negotiate a few things, they may have funds available to put in a crash barrier at no cost to the council.”

After the meeting, Mrs Graham said: “We are absolutely thrilled. It is a very generous of them, I’m so taken aback by it.”

She added that there used to be a hedge on the bend which helped if there was an accident, but over the years that has disintegrated.

A report and review into the barrier will be presented to the next north area committee meeting in June.