Village says thanks to a trio of teenage heroes

Les Jobson, Ross Moore, Danny Sinton, Gareth Davies and Pauline Tucker.
Les Jobson, Ross Moore, Danny Sinton, Gareth Davies and Pauline Tucker.

A community has thanked three teenagers who rescued a 78-year-old stroke victim from a freezing stream.

Sixteen-year-olds Danny Sinton and Gareth Davies and Ross Moore, 17, leapt into action when they saw Les Jobson had fallen into Belford Burn on New Year’s Eve.

Danny jumped down into the burn and tried to lift Mr Jobson, who by this time had only his nose and mouth above the water. Even with Danny’s rugby-playing strength it was impossible to get Mr Jobson, whose clothes by now were completely sodden with water, up the sheer bank and back onto dry land. He managed to drag Mr Jobson 10 yards further downstream to a less steep spot where Ross and Gareth were waiting to pull him up the embankment before taking him home.

After Mr Jobson had recovered from his ordeal, his partner Mary approached Eric Gassner, vice chairman of Belford Community Group, and asked if the boys could have some recognition for what they had done.

The community group acted immediately and had three plaques engraved to present to the trio. Meanwhile Mary had organised a celebration tea at the Blue Bell Hotel for the rescuers and their immediate families, which hotel owners David and Michael Ratliff insisted on paying for.

Eric said how good it was to be presenting awards to youngsters who so often get a bad name in today’s society. He said their common sense, humanity and sense of community should be an example to the youth of today.

The plaques were presented by community group secretary Pauline Tucker.