Village plans its day in the worldwide spotlight

A NORTH Northumberland village is planning a day of events to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch as it makes its way around the UK.

A meeting was held last week in Bamburgh to start the ball rolling ahead of the torch’s arrival in the coastal community on Thursday, June 14.

Another meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 8, after which the newly-formed committee hopes to have some more concrete ideas on the type of events taking place.

And the village has already been working with Northumberland County Council to ensure Bamburgh is in tip-top condition.

Chris Calvert, director at Bamburgh Castle, said: “We are hoping to make not just a visual event for those watching on TV and showing off the village but also an event for people in the area.

“We are aware we may well be on television around the world. It’s a massive marketing opportunity that we cannot miss.”