VIDEO: Transformers cars race through the Northumberland countryside

Souped-up cars from the Transformers movie have been seen racing through the Northumberland countryside followed by a helicopter.

The video, posted on the Gazette Facebook site, shows three of the impressive cars flying along a country lane followed by a helicopter.

Kris Ostle with the Transformers cars in Hinding Lane, near Alnwick.

Kris Ostle with the Transformers cars in Hinding Lane, near Alnwick.

Transformers 5: The Last Knight has been filming in Alnwick for most of the week and Bamburgh this weekend and fans have been getting up close and personal with stars Mark Wahlberg and Sir Anthony Hopkins, as well as the fast cars that are integral to the blockbuster movie franchise.

'The chase is on' video was filmed by Ruairi Hardman and his son Theo, 14-year-old student at Duchess's Community High School, in Alnwick.

Ruairi, from Howick, is a drone pilot and manages a drone company called QuestUAV, based in Amble. Theo is my , year 10 and just commenced his GCSEs. We live in Howick, Alnwick with EmmA Hardman, wife and mum.

He takes up the story: "I was collecting Theo after finishing his shift at 4pm at Bari Tea in Alnwick, where he works. On our way home, as we crossed the Lion Bridge near Alnwick Castle, we spotted a helicopter at 400ft surveilling a stretch of road to the north. As we approached The Old Stables roundabout, instead of going right to Howick, we made a split decision to turn left up the old A1 to chase the helicopter to find out what exactly was going on.

Bumblebee, pictured by Ray Barclay at Alnwick Castle

Bumblebee, pictured by Ray Barclay at Alnwick Castle

"About 500m up the road, we came to the Hinding Lane junction, it was closed off and on inspection was crammed with film crew vehicles and a mobile film crane mounted on a Porsche jeep. We realised that this must surely be the filming of a chase scene and the helicopter was indeed the aerial filming unit for the Transformers movie. We could not get down the road to see the action so we drove up the road and pulled into a gateway to the farm fields.

"We set out on foot, running up and over the small hill obscuring any view of the film operations going on down Hinding Lane. As we came over the hill, what we witnessed below us was better than we ever could have imagined. In full view, the Transformers were racing down the small lane, the Cheviots set a jaw-dropping backdrop to the high-tech action before us.

"The multi-million pounds worth of cars were racing down the road in tight formation, there was no room for error. Most impressive was the piloting skills of the helicopter pilot, navigating between trees and pylons, tracking the cars around every turn, pulling up at the last minute to go over the oak trees surrounding the road at the far end.

"The sound of the car engines, the helicopter, surrounded by the Northumberland countryside, was a joy to behold."