VET’S DIARY: Tick this preventative treatment off your list

A tick
A tick

Throughout spring and early summer, ticks are most active and can carry potentially fatal diseases.

Recent research found an alarming lack of awareness among dog owners about ticks and Lyme disease: 47 per cent of dog owners surveyed didn’t know that ticks can transmit diseases to both dogs and humans, while over half (54 per cent) of dog owners didn’t know that Lyme disease affects both dogs and humans.

Here at Alnorthumbria Vets, we are taking part in the Big Tick Project.

It will be the largest nationwide collection of ticks from dogs in a bid to help scientists, led by Professor Richard Wall at the University of Bristol, track what is feared to be a growing threat to people and their dogs from tick-borne zoonotic diseases such as Lyme disease (Borrelia)

In the UK, Public Health England estimates the number of new cases each year at around 3,000 while Lyme disease charities say the figure could even be as high as 15,000 annually. 

However, the majority of people are unaware that this potentially debilitating condition can also affect our dogs.

There are preventive medicines available via all of surgeries. Our most popular is Bravecto, a chewable tablet for dogs that gives 12 week protection against fleas and ticks.

We have had good results across the practice.

If you suspect your dog’s flea and tick protection has lapsed, call any of our branches and pick up the appropriate treatment to make sure your dog is protected over the high risk summer months.