VET’S DIARY: Prevention is better than cure

Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman
Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman

Most horse owners at this stage in the winter are wondering how they can get through the next two to three months without the husband finding out how much it all costs!

Sneaky trips to the feed merchant to make sure the horses look in good condition once the competition season starts.

We need to make sure the horse’s teeth are in good order so that he gets the best out of his expensive winter rations and is on top form at the up-and-coming lessons. Another vet’s bill to hide!

The farrier is also due and I fancy a new numnah and thank goodness the change in hat regulations means I can use my old one for 2015 while I plan a scissor action at Bramham Horse Trials, new boots and hat!

Just pray the horse doesn’t go lame in the meantime or it will be back to cleaning the house and doing the ironing.

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Good luck this season!

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