VET’S DIARY: Patient Jake lends a paw to inspire budding vets

Jake has his leg bandaged.
Jake has his leg bandaged.

Last week Alnorthumbria Vets were very kindly invited to The Northumberland Church of England Academy STEM Day. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The aim of this event was to inspire pupils aged 12-15 about all the possibilities available in the world of work.

Local, regional and national organisations supported the event, with just over 300 students attending.

Jake, our regular spaniel mascot, played a great part in allowing the children to practise bandaging a leg as well as demonstrating the routine check-ups that vets do when an animal comes in for an examination.

Children were able to listen to his heart and check his teeth as well as learning the safest ways to handle a dog.

Alnorthumbria vet Dr Sara Sampson was on hand to discuss routes into a career in veterinary medicine as well as answering some challenging questions from some of the younger classes.

Children were able to discuss anatomy and take a look at equine hooves and parts of the equine skeleton. Grisly diseased organs in specimen pots proved popular, as well as interactive equipment that allowed children to delve deeper into how surgical procedures are performed.

I am forever indebted to the people who encouraged me in my boyhood dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon. As a schoolboy, I spent many hours ‘helping’ at my local veterinary practice at weekends and during school holidays, as well as working on farms.

Working with the next generation and supporting local events is something we are very passionate about at Alnorthumbria Vets and we hope to have inspired a few future vets or veterinary nurses.