VET’S DIARY: Get in the zone and save yourself some charges

Don’t be discouraged from getting your routine equine veterinary work carried out because you are concerned about cost or how much the vet’s travel charge is likely to be, as we offer Free Equine Zone visits to almost the whole of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and northern Durham, writes Lesley Barwise-Munro.

Free Zone visits means, that on a regular day each week, you will be able to book a visit within that zone and not incur a visit charge.

This service is available for routine dental procedures, vaccinations, micro-chipping and short examinations. Therefore, with a bit of forward planning, you can save money on routine equine veterinary work.

There are four different zones, and your zone will be determined by where your horse is situated.

The zone-visit scheme has allowed us to work more efficiently and reduce the cost to our clients of routine preventative horse healthcare.

The scheme has also enabled us to reduce our vets’ carbon footprint by allowing them to concentrate their working day in one area thereby reducing their fuel consumption.

It is better for our clients, better for the environment and it keeps the costs down for everyone.

We also offer horse health plans, which are an excellent way to keep your horse happy and in good physical shape with preventative veterinary care in mind.

The three packages on offer provide a range of options to suit your horse’s individual requirements.

These plans have been put together with value for money in mind and offer substantial savings on regular routine healthcare.

The three plans available are gold, silver and bronze, but each plan provides your horse with an annual health check, routine dental procedures and vaccinations for flu or flu/tetanus.

You may also opt for worm egg counts and a blood sample and profile to ensure your horse has no underlying health issues.

The healthcare plans offer a great way of getting your pony checked out on a regular basis without incurring any additional expense.

The zone-visit scheme and horse health plans are complementary so you can have the vet carry out your horse health-plan health checks on a zone visit so all you pay for is the cost of the plan.

In the current economic climate, with the rising costs of hay, feed and bedding, we are doing what we can to help our clients save money on routine healthcare.

Whether opting for the bronze, silver or gold plan, these can all be carried out on one of our zone visits, or alternatively you can bring your horse into the Equine Clinic at Fairmoor, Morpeth.

For more information, please contact the clinic on 01670 897597 or visit our website