VET’S DIARY: From first aid to foot care – it’s everything equine

Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman
Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman

It’s going to be a busy year for the Alnorthumbria equine team. As always, we want to stay ahead of the game and offer fantastic seminars and practical workshops for our clients. Why not make 2015 the year you learn a new skill?

In partnership with XLEquine, Alnorthumbria equine vets are committed to providing our clients with up-to-date training to enable you to be further equipped to look after the horses and ponies in your care. For this reason, we have seven skills workshops available in 2015.

Equine skills workshops will be delivered to small groups of horse owners and will be both interactive and practical using live animals and associated props where appropriate.

They will be delivered by our equine veterinary team, who themselves will have attended an accredited training course, to ensure that we deliver a consistentlyhigh level of education, catering for all levels.

In March, take part in our first aid course, where you will learn to prioritise, and know how to deal with, emergencies discriminating between those that are life-threatening, urgent, semi-urgent and not urgent, put together a first aid kit and undertake a clinical examination of your horse including assessing, examining and bandaging a wound, taking a temperature, checking pulse and breathing rates and confirming dehydration.

In May, take part in our foot care workshop, where you will learn to understand the normal anatomy of the hoof and be able to spot basic diseases of the foot.

In July, learn about back pain and how it can sometimes be a reason for grumpiness and poor performance with a range of different causes and a spectrum of the anatomy that is affected from neck to tail.

Anatomical painting is a unique, fun and informative way to learn about your horse’s skeleton. Led by Gillian Higgins from Inside Out, this practical workshop will focus on the structure and function of the spine.

In August, take part in horse and rider first aid. The first part of this course will concentrate on first aid for your horse. The second part of the course will be delivered by Medi-K and will give you an overview of first aid procedures, focusing on the injuries most likely to be sustained by you, whilst handling and riding horses.

In September, attend a session that is a must for anyone with an older horse/pony or for yard owners.

This workshop covers the health issues that are faced by older horses and ponies, as well as the difficult topic of saying goodbye and preparing for this difficult time.

Kate has attended a training course on bereavement to be able help you prepare for this heart-breaking situation.

Lastly, come October, why not try The Guts of the Matter? This workshop covers all aspects of the horse’s digestive system and will enable you to recognise common gastrointestinal diseases. By the end of the workshop you will be confident to assess your horse’s body condition and understand the core nutrition requirements.

With a range of workshops on offer, there really is something for everyone. Visit to find out more or call our equine clinic on 01670 897597.

All courses have limited places available to allow for plenty of one-to-one training. Not to be missed.