VET’S DIARY: Free checks to ensure you have a happy bunny

Get your rabbit a health check
Get your rabbit a health check

Is your rabbit a happy bunny? You can hop-a-long to your local veterinary practice for free rabbit health checks to find out.

Last week was Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) 2015 and Alnorthumbria Vets showed its support by offering free rabbit health checks, which will run for the next week.

This year, the RAW campaign aims to prompt ‘One Small Hop’ of change from owners, altering just one element of the five health and welfare needs of rabbits.

Paul Freeman, one of the small-animal directors at Alnorthumbria, said: “Rabbit Awareness Week is a very important annual campaign and we wanted to be part of the national activity by offering free rabbit health checks all week with our dedicated team of nurses.

“We look forward to welcoming rabbit owners to our free health checks at the surgery, to ensure they are not only physically well, but also emotionally.

“The whole idea of RAW is to make people think about their rabbits’ diet, the environment in which they live, their behaviour and general health.

“The check-ups are a good opportunity for your rabbit to be examined by a professional and for you to get any advice on weight, diet, vaccinations, parasite control and neutering.”

Keeping your rabbit fit and healthy is vital to ensure a long, happy and fulfilling life.

Rabbits can be prone to some health issues which can prove challenging to treat, but can often be easily prevented if you know how.

Good care, suitable feeding and other appropriate measures such as vaccination and parasite control are key.

Alnorthumbria Vets offer a fantastic LifeVacc Programme.

For a one-off payment of £99, they will provide your rabbit with annual boosters and health checks for the rest of his or her life. Terms and conditions apply: Call your local surgery to find out more.

The following Alnorthumbria surgeries will be taking part until Saturday, May 23: Alnwick (01665 510999), Amble (01665 713111), Ashington (01670 852137), Rothbury (01669 620638), Morpeth (01670 505321), Ponteland (01661 871570), Wooler (01668 281323).