VET’S DIARY: Free check-ups for the more senior patients

As with human medicine, veterinary medicine is increasingly focussed on preventing disease, or at least treating it in the early stages, rather than more expensive treatments when disease is already well advanced. writes Simon Caple.

Alnorthumbria Vets are currently running a promotion for a free check-up for our more senior patients.

If your furry friend is getting along OK but you would like a free health check with one of our nurses, then please phone your local surgery or our locally-charged 0333 6669995 number to make an appointment.

Our nurses will carry out a free health check on your healthy, but more senior, pet and if appropriate then a free blood pressure monitor on senior cats .

Your pet will receive its annual health check at its booster vaccination with one of our vets but if in the meantime you would like a free health check with one of our nurses then give us a call.

It’s surprising how often we unfortunately find something wrong with pets at their annual vaccination and early diagnosis of a problem means we have a better chance of fixing it.

Common findings are dental disease in both cats and dogs, also we see kidney and heart disease more frequently in our more senior patients.

Hopefully our nursing team will give your pet a clean bill of health and they won’t need another check until their annual vaccination.

If your pet is due its annual vaccination then they could be eligible for signing up to our Lifevacc scheme. For a one-off fee of £99 (T&C apply) you can enrol your pet and not have to pay again for its annual vaccinations.

Why not also inquire about our Pet Health Scheme which, for a discounted monthly payment, will supply your pet’s preventive health needs (wormers, flea/tick treatments, dental paste, and booster vaccinations, if these are not already covered by Lifevacc).

For more details of our senior pet campaign, Pet Health Scheme or Lifevacc offer, phone your local surgery or visit our website