VET’S DIARY: Farrier Jim helps get to the foot of the problem

There is a famous saying from traditional horse men, women, farmers, and vets which still holds true today, ‘No foot, no horse!’

As a member of XL Vets Equine, the Alnorthumbria equine vet team join in a national awareness campaign for horses and owners each year.

For 2015 this is all about the horse’s foot.

We are hoping to help horse owners to learn about the internal anatomy of the horse’s foot, how to care for horses feet and the things that can go wrong in this complex structure and cause foot lameness.

Farriery is a vital part of the prevention and treatment of lameness relating to a horse’s foot. Remedial farriery can maximise the horse’s movement potential through efficient bio-mechanics which in turn help related joints and soft tissue structures remain uninjured for as long as possible during a horse’s working life.

To learn more come along to our equine client evening on June 2, at Swarland Golf Club for a glass of Pimms and listen to farrier Jim Ferrie explaining remedial farriery.There will be an electronic quiz during the evening with prizes.

Jim is a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and we are privileged to have Jim as our regular visiting consultant farrier at Fairmoor Equine Clinic.

Appropriate remedial farriery is an essential part of the treatment of any lameness case.