VET’S DIARY: All creatures great and small are looked after

With a new year comes a new provision of services, writes Simon Caple.

As the new year starts, Alnorthumbria is improving the service offered to all patients across the practice. As we strive to improve our provision of care to our patients and clients, we are now proud to be able to offer an improved orthopaedic service.

We are employing the skills of an orthopaedic surgeon, Neil Adams. Neil has worked in several referral practices in the UK and brings with him a wealth of experience and skills.

This now means that we can provide an improved orthopaedic service and significantly reduce the potential for clients to be referred to specialist vets for surgery, which we can now offer at our practice.

We know this will improve both the type and amount of surgery we can offer to patients; with them only needing to be seen at either our Wagonway Road surgery in Alnwick or our Fairmoor surgery in Morpeth.

Many dogs unfortunately sustain injury to their knees and damage their cruciate ligaments (also a common injury to our skiing clients) and advancements in surgical procedures means that we can offer the most up-to-date surgical techniques to provide a quicker return to normal.

We also know from human medicine that physiotherapy speeds up this return to normal function and we are proud to announce that we now provide animal physiotherapy. This is being provided by Hazel Potter, who is a qualified animal physiotherapist.

Our physiotherapy sessions are being held at both our Wagonway Road and Fairmoor surgeries. So with an improved orthopaedic service, our patients can recover faster alongside our new physiotherapy sessions.

Our Lifevacc promotion is also proving very popular; eligible patients who are due their annual vaccination can be enrolled onto the scheme for just £99 (terms and conditions apply). This scheme means that once they are enrolled and T&Cs are adhered to, then clients don’t have to pay every year for their pet’s annual vaccination.

The aim of this scheme is to improve the health of our patients while being good for the pockets of our clients.

Annual vaccination is extremely important for the health of our patients to avoid preventable diseases, which unfortunately are often fatal.

So far, 2014 is proving to be a great year for our service provision to our patients who we care for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We, as your local practice, take a huge amount of pride in knowing that we can provide this local provision of care every hour of every day for all creatures great and small.