Vet joins society's event committee

A vet from Wooler has joined Glendale Agricultural Society's children's countryside day committee.

Saturday, 12th March 2016, 10:04 am

Pam Brown, of the Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group, has been involved in the children’s countryside day now for eight years, helping out at the annual event as a steward.

Over the years, Pam has spent time helping children from all over Northumberland, many of them not from the countryside, to learn more about where their food comes from.

“When I first started helping at the show, it was a real eye-opener to see how little children know about where their food comes from,” she said.

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“It is great to see them progress over the course of the day, to really understand farming and the important role agriculture plays in food production.”

For the past 10 years, Pam has worked for Alnorthumbria as a mixed vet.

She is also married to Glendale farmer Robert Brown, so she is well placed to advise on agricultural matters.

Pam added: “I am delighted to have been nominated onto the children’s countryside day committee.

“It is such an honour, and I am particularly proud to be helping to educate young people on rural matters.”

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