VERGES: Oversight has been corrected

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I am writing in response to the letter entitled Look after the taxpayers too, regarding a lack of grass cutting at Abbeylands in Alnwick, (Northumberland Gazette, August 3).

As a council we pride ourselves on the work we’ve done cutting verges this summer, but sometimes we have to put our hands up and offer an apology.

Due to an oversight, this 50-metre stretch of footpath from the Alnwick sign to the end of Abbeylands wasn’t cut as part of the current programme.

As soon as we became aware, we arranged to send a team to the location to cut back and clear the footpath. We’re also ensuring this stretch will be carried out on schedule in future.

With over 3,000 miles of roads to maintain in Northumberland it is always going to be a big task, but we are determined to make sure the county’s roadsides remain in good condition – not just for tourists, but just as importantly our local communities.

Coun Glen Sanderson,

Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services

Northumberland County Council