Vehicles parking close to school will '˜result in accident'

A worried resident has raised concerns about parents who park close to James Calvert Spence College's Acklington Road site, believing it poses a safety risk.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21st February 2016, 5:00 am
James Calvert Spence College building in Acklington Road, Amble.
James Calvert Spence College building in Acklington Road, Amble.

A letter by Chris Harvey, of Gloster Park, which was read out at last week’s Amble Town Council meeting, states: ‘We have a situation that will result in an accident. A number of parents of JCSC park their cars along the exit of Gloster Park in the process of dropping or collecting their child.

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‘They appear to be oblivious to the risk they pose, both to other road users and to their own child, as they are forcing cars that are exiting Gloster Park to overtake them close to the junction with vehicles intending to enter Gloster Park from the west having limited or no vision of the overtaking vehicle until they are on the junction. Effectively, the collision will be a head-on crash. The chance of vehicles becoming out of control when children are in close proximity doesn’t bear thinking about.’

He thinks parents should be made aware of the risk and that introducing double-yellow lines would help.

But Coun Jeff Watson said that there were much worse areas. Coun Helen Lewis added: “We acknowledge the concerns but the letter is better addressed to the school and the police. If the police look at it and think double-yellow lines may help, then they can get back to us.”