Varying views over dog mess on beaches

Residents of north Northumberland, both dog owners and otherwise, have expressed their views about dog fouling on beaches.

Following an article in the Gazette last month, regarding the cleanliness of the beach at Bamburgh, members of the public have contacted us to share their views.

Max Dowling, ‘a really angry dog owner’, claimed that he is ‘fed up with with the borish anti-dog brigade’, pointing out that there is plenty of rubbish dumped by humans as well as horse mess on our beaches.

He sees the problem as being caused by inconsiderate dog owners and a lack of adequate bins.

Another reader also felt that the culprits were ‘the same few dog owners’.

In the vein of taking pride in the quality of our beaches, he also pointed out that earlier this summer he found that the beach at Low Newton was covered in glass.