Vandals graffiti a historic bridge in the National Park

The graffiti in Rothbury.
The graffiti in Rothbury.

Mindless vandals have been critised for daubing a bridge with graffiti in the spectacular Northumberland National Park.

And to add to the frustration, removing the ‘tag’ will not be a straightforward job.

Rothbury county councillor Steven Bridgett posted images of the graffiti on his Facebook page on Monday evening.

The damage has been done to the bridge at Lingbriggs in the Upper Coquet Valley.

He wrote: ‘I know it probably sounds like I’m turning into a proper grumpy old man, but there’s just no need for this! It is in the middle of the National Park and now we are going to have to waste money having it removed.’

And in a later post, he confirmed that the removal would not be straightforward.

Quoting advice that he had received, he wrote: ‘The graffiti removal here has a number of issues. The bridge has large areas of poor concrete that might not respond favourably to pressure/steam washing and might cause concrete spalling exposing reinforcement.

‘Graffiti removal often leaves a scar of new exposed substrate that can be as obvious as the original graffiti.

‘There is no space to operate a water/steam pressure lance at the south abutment from the narrow rock ledge or an access platform.

‘Gels and paint residue from the water spraying/steam jetting operation can’t be contained and will pollute the watercourse.

‘The best solution here is to mask the graffiti by painting both abutments in their entirety in a neutral white/grey masonry or emulsion paint to make it look like a proper maintenance scheme.’