Vandalism sparks outrage

Parking in Heugh Road, Craster
Parking in Heugh Road, Craster

Damage to a holiday-makers car in Craster has led to concerns being raised about parking in the coastal village.

Last week, Hugh Gilliland and his wife Linda, from Greenock, Scotland, and his brother and sister-in-law from Edinburgh, had their holiday cut short after Hugh’s Vauxhall Insignia was keyed while parked near their rental cottage in the village.

Damage to Hugh Gilliland's car in Craster.

Damage to Hugh Gilliland's car in Craster.

Hugh, 55, and his family arrived on Friday, October 17, and parked their two cars outside the property on Heugh Wynd.

But the following day, after being out, their space was taken and they parked along the road.

Hugh said: “A resident came out and started shouting at us that we couldn’t park there. We tried to keep the cars as close as possible to the cottage.

“The next day I parked across the road, but a note was left on the car saying it was residents’ parking only and to move it, so I did.

Hugh and Linda Gilliland

Hugh and Linda Gilliland

“But on Tuesday morning we got up and found that the car had been keyed. So we reported it to the police and left straight away.

“It was probably a one-off and we know there are parking problems but it is the worst experience we have had on holiday. It was shocking.”

The bill for repairs to Mr Gilliland’s car has totalled £450.

Bryn Owen, chairman of Craster Parish Council said there have been parking issues in the village but added that he was ‘appalled’ by what had happened.

“The gentleman had just as much right to park where he was as anybody else,” Mr Owen said. “It is not residents’ parking there it is public. But we have got problems with parking in Craster.”

He added that when free parking was introduced in the county, Craster asked to keep the charges so the village’s quarry car park could be expanded but so far nothing has been done.

He added: “At times ambulances haven’t been able to get to patients because of the parking problems, and buses haven’t been able to get into the village. They could increase the car park by 50 per cent. They receive £80,000 a year from that car park, but they haven’t done anything about it.”

Police are investigating the damage to Mr Gilliland’s car.

Contact them on 101 ext 69191 quoting reference 407 21/10/14.