VACCINATION: Call in to get free flu jab

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At this time of difficulties for the National Health Service, we are delighted that the health professionals at The Bondgate Practice and the Infirmary Drive Medical Group in Alnwick are joining together to organise Super Saturday when eligible patients of both practices can receive their seasonal flu vaccinations.

Between 9am and noon, on Saturday, September 17, eligible patients should attend the practice in Alnwick where they are registered.

No appointment is necessary.

Patients are eligible to receive a free flu vaccination if they are aged 65 and over, are over six months old with chronic respiratory disease, pregnant, carers for a family member or friend, living in a long-stay residential care home or long-stay care facility where the rapid spread of an infection would occur upon introduction, are employees directly involved in patient care, such as carers and nursing home staff, have chronic heart disease, chronic kidney disease or are on kidney dialysis, or have diabetes or a weakened immune system due to treatment or disease.

All practices will be organising similar flu vaccination clinics for eligible patients so readers should check details locally.

Martin Shortreed, Patient Participation Group,

Infirmary Drive Medical Group

Kelvin Rushworth, Patient Participation Group,

The Bondgate Practice