Using technology to help find missing people

Latest news from Northumbria Police.
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Northumbria Police is supporting the use of a text-message service to help find missing people.

The charity Missing People offers a service called TextSafe which can help officers locate missing people by sending a text message to their phone. The text is sent from Missing People rather than from police so anyone who might be hesitant to contact officers still has a way to access help from a neutral, confidential charity.

Detective Superintendent Lisa Orchard said: “This text-message system will support officers when they are searching for, and trying to get in contact with, missing people.

“Sometimes a missing person may not want to speak with police and that’s where the TextSafe text message will give them other options, like an independent support agency or the charity. They can contact these agencies and let them know they are safe and well and they will pass that information on to us and help our inquiries.

“Our priority with missing people is always their safety and welfare. This system will hopefully go a long way in helping officers locate missing people more quickly and easily in the future.”

Today, the charity Missing People is running the Big Text event where the charity and forces throughout the country are raising awareness in the TextSafe service. Northumbria Police will be supporting the charity by sending all current missing people reported to Northumbria Police a TextSafe message.