Urgent call to fix dangerous road before accidents

The poor road surface on the Alnmouth to Foxton road.
The poor road surface on the Alnmouth to Foxton road.

Urgent calls have been made to fix a ‘very, very dangerous’ stretch of road.

At the meeting councillors heard fears that vehicles could end up in the Aln estuary if nothing is done about a camber in the road between Alnmouth and Foxton.

Lesbury Parish Council chairman, John Wright, said Northumberland County Council had been told about the concerns 18 months ago.

He said: “It is a very dangerous camber and my concern is that there are school busses that use the road. If a van met a bus they could end up in the estuary. It really is very, very dangerous.

“The council did put signs up 18 months ago but then nothing was done about it.”

Alnwick Coun Gordon Castle said he was also concerned about it.

“I drove over it on my motorbike and it is extremely dangerous,” he said.

Terry Garnick, Neat (neighbourhood environment action team) manager for the northern area at the county council, said: “This issue was brought to our attention three weeks ago. A highways inspection found quite a depression in the road. We have made an application to the capital scheme for funding. It will become a hazard if we don’t deal with it properly.”

He said work should be done within six weeks.