Updates on rolling road closures on key Alnwick route

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Major roadworks which are taking place on Wagonway Road and Willowburn Avenue are due to continue to the end of the month.

During that time, they will be on the move along the stretch of the U3129.

Northumberland County Council has provided a provisional guide to what they believe will be the planned schedule of the closures.

As of today, the road will be closed from York Crescent to Park View from 8am to 6pm, then thesection from Park View to Swansfield Park Road will be closed from 6pm until 6am tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the road between Park View and Swansfield Park Road will be closed from 8am to 6pm.

On Saturday, the road is closed at the junction of Prudhoe Street to Swansfield Park Road from 6pm to 6am on Sunday.

The council is aiming to give more precise updates for the road from next week, but a spokeswoman said that next week the work will continue Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm ‘within the same vicinities’.

The council has put up appropriate signage informing road users to use an alternative route with the added warning of delays.

Every junction where work is taking place will be manned.

All of the works are subject to weather conditions.