UPDATE: School kitchen issue resolved

Lunch time at Lindisfarne Middle School
Lunch time at Lindisfarne Middle School

An Alnwick school kitchen which has been closed due to ‘safeguarding issues’ will be back in operation tomorrow meaning pupils will be able to have hot meals again.

A letter sent to parents and carers of pupils at Lindisfarne Middle School yesterday said that the issues with kitchen equipment meant that it would have to shut ‘until further notice’.

However, the note, signed by acting headteacher Stephanie Hall, said the school hoped to get it sorted within the next few days.

The kitchen was still be able to provide sandwich lunches to all students who require the school to provide them with a meal, with pupils entitled to free school meals not incurring any charges.

Update (5pm): Gustav McLeod, one of the governors at the school, has contacted the Gazette to say that everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

He explained that the issue related to monitoring and isolation switches, which were installed on four of the six cookers, but not the other two and it meant there was a potential risk to staff and pupils.

The required switches have been installed on the two cookers today and will also be installed in the technology department tomorrow.

Looking ahead, the school is planning to update some of the kitchen equipment further and install new ventilation.