UPDATE: Crowd-funding bid to get ukulele heckler to number one

Robin Grey playing his ukulele in Alnwick. Picture by PA Video/PA Wire
Robin Grey playing his ukulele in Alnwick. Picture by PA Video/PA Wire

A ukulele player, who heckled the Prime Minister in Alnwick on Monday, is set to release a song with the aim of getting to number one.

Robin Grey, who lives in London but grew up in the North East, made national headlines with his improvised song urging the PM to ‘f*** off back to Eton’.

The 34-year-old explained that he had been touring in the north and was cycling up to visit his nanna on the north Northumberland coast. As he came down Clayport Street into Alnwick town centre, he says he was cut up by a blue bus, which he then realised belonged to the Conservatives.

“I was really stunned by how stage-managed it all was,” he said. “Most of the time when I’m out and about, I’m touring so I always have my ukulele and guitar with me. The song was improvised on the spot so it wasn’t very lyrically astute and bordered on the crass, but it seems to have resonated with people.

“I wouldn’t want to make any generalisations about hating all Tories because that’s naïve. David Cameron and Eton represent a tiny clique of privileged white men who, at the moment, still hold the balance of power and wealth. I hoped I challenged it with as much love, smiles and joy as I could.”

It has been pointed out in articles online that Robin, whose father’s family is from Northumberland, once attended RGS Newcastle, a fee-paying school, raising the spectre of hypocrisy.

“I went to a mix of state schools and fee-paying schools with bursaries – my parents came from very different class backgrounds,” he said. “RGS instilled a love of singing in me and I really liked the school; I was sad when I left when we moved down south.”

He went on: “People often talk about class war, but these days we seem to have a new class of the super, super rich.”

There is now an online crowd-funding bid to raise £3,000, made up of £1,500 to record, produce, mix and master the song along with a few others to make up an EP then £1,500 for PR and marketing support. You can view the fund-raising effort online here, which currently has raised around £750 after one day.