‘Unmissable’ street food served at gallery

The converted Citro�n HY van.
The converted Citro�n HY van.

A talented chef is serving top-notch street food from a converted 1970s Citroën HY van in Alnmouth.

Adventures in Aude is a venture by Andy Haimes, who has opened for business on the grounds of the Old School Gallery.

Described as an ‘unmissable street food experience’, Andy’s menu takes inspiration from a range of sources.

Dale Maloney, from the gallery, said: “Andy has worked at Michelin Star restaurants including Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, so we are really happy to get him on board in Alnmouth.

“Andy creates a unique menu using his vast experiences ranging from fine dining in London, boats in the Mediterranean, alpine chalets and his time spent travelling. All of this inspiration helps to create a fun, fresh and unique menu with smokey, zesty flavours.

“All this is underpinned with Andy’s love and enthusiasm for fresh seasonal Northumbrian produce combined to make healthy and wholesome food.

“Look out for boxes packed with crunchy slaws, tangy grains, unique charcoal rolls filled with barbecue chorizo and pickled fennel and griddled sea bass with classic salsa verde. There’s also the vegi frittata, which is bursting with charred vegetable, nuts and seeds.”