University transition day for Year 12 students

View of the Duchess's Community High School in Alnwick
View of the Duchess's Community High School in Alnwick

Year 12 students from the Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick took part in a university transition day, writes Gabriel Brown.

Starting with talks in the main school hall, the day also included independent work in discovering courses.

The first talk was given by Jordan Tower, a current student at Newcastle University, who spoke about applying for university and how things such as location, distance from home, attractions in the area, etc, can all be factors in making choices. She also spoke about results day, and the options following it, giving students an idea of what to expect.

Following this, there was a talk on the Scottish system by Grant Cullen, from Edinburgh Napier University. There were also optional talks on law, nursing, maths and English.

One student said: “The talks informed me about how universities work and what they look for. Additionally, signing up on UCAS was greatly helpful in picking out a good university for me.”