UNIT: Immense care and kindness

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I have just completed my treatment for breast cancer at the Alnwick Chemotherapy Unit and I am now well on the road to recovery.

I would like to thank Cath Johnstone, Gillian Thorne and the team at the unit for their immense care and kindness in getting me through it.

I have felt really well supported as an individual and always confident of their professionalism during the entire process.

The atmosphere and facilities at the unit have been very thoughtfully designed and well managed to make patients feel relaxed and confident.

I much appreciated being able to speak to someone in person or on the phone when I have needed to, as well as their patience in dealing with queries and concerns that they must have had to answer many times a day.

I would like to thank the volunteers too for their input of kindness and cheerfulness.

It seems a strange twist of fate that I was to benefit from a unit that was partly funded through Caroline’s Comet Fund, set up by my mother Irene Wills and myself with funds raised from family and friends when my younger sister Caroline passed away from cancer at Alnwick Infirmary nearly 20 years ago.

None of us had any idea it would help to fund the much-needed chemotherapy unit, or that myself would benefit.

If anyone would like to support the chemotherapy unit, which provides treatment for people with cancers of all kinds, please get in touch with Cath Johnstone at Alnwick Infirmary.

My very best wishes for the future of the Alnwick unit and all of those who provide such special and humane care within easy travelling distance of home.

Elizabeth Anderson,