Unemployment rate at a record low in region

The unemployment rate is at a record low in the North East.
The unemployment rate is at a record low in the North East.

The unemployment rate in the North East has more than halved since 2010 and now stands at a record low of 54,000 (4.3%), falling by 24,000 on the year.

However, figures released on Tuesday show that employment has also fallen, with a drop of 28,000 on the year, and stands at 1,196million (71.1%).

The claimant count stands at 59,700 (4.9%) in the North East, while the number of women in work in the North East is at 588,000, an increase of 39,000 since 2010.

Paul Carbert, policy advisor, North East England Chamber of Commerce, said: “Unemployment is down on the same period last year and the unemployment rate and level are at record lows and the gap with the national average is now down to 0.3% percentage points.

“Unfortunately, for the second quarter in a row, the number of people in employment has fallen in the North East and the employment rate has fallen below the record high reached at the beginning of the year.

“The number of people classified as economically inactive in the North East has increased by 46,000 over the past year.

“There can be many reasons for this, but it highlights the need to promote flexible working opportunities and ensure that anyone who does want a job can access the training and skills that businesses are looking for.”

A Jobcentre Plus spokeswoman said: “We have a diverse range of employment opportunities available for jobseekers from expanding sectors such as IT/digital, to more traditional recruiters in care and contact centres and we are seeing a range of working hours and patterns, with a lot of full-time recruitment still taking place.”

Tynedale Jobs Fair takes place on Friday, September 7, from 10am to 2.30pm, at Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham, and around 50 employers are expected to attend.

A new campaign has recently been launched to highlight how local summer jobs can help set young people on the path to a brighter future.

For more details, visit https://findajob.dwp.gov.uk/search?adv=1&qor=summer+seasonal