‘Under-used’ village hall open for business

Wendy Swinney and Chris Barraclough at Rennington Village Hall
Wendy Swinney and Chris Barraclough at Rennington Village Hall

The chairman of a village hall committee has made a plea for more people to support the venue, which she has described as being under-used.

Wendy Swinney is urging local groups and residents to take advantage of the ‘excellent facilities’ that Rennington Village Hall has to offer.

While her appeal is not yet a ‘use it or lose it’ rallying call, she admits that the committee is keen to attract more users.

She said: “It is a beautiful hall with very good facilities, yet it is under-used.

“We want to let people know that it is available. We would very much like to attract some user groups to come and use the hall on a regular basis.

“It is also very good for parties, wedding receptions or even funeral teas.

“The annual scarecrow festival is our main fund-raiser, but recently, for example, the hall lost a local club which used it each week.

“This is not a use it or lose it plea yet, but it could quite easily turn into that.

“As long as the village continues to run its annual scarecrow festival, we can keep it going, but we would run into problems if we lost that.”

Wendy said that the committee is also looking for people who would be interested in becoming friends of the village hall. She added: “Whenever we have any functions at the hall, we need people to help us set up and we would like to hear from anybody who would like to be a friend and be around if needed.”

To inquire about hall use, call Wendy on 01665 577007 or Maureen on 01665 577012.