Two rescued dogs are making fine progress with SHAK

Ged, the Staffordshire bull terrier
Ged, the Staffordshire bull terrier

The next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog-rescue charity, SHAK.

They arrived at SHAK needing vital help. – and after spending some time with the charity’s guardian angels, two dogs that have been rescued recently are making fine progress.

Last week’s column told of the arrival of a poorly Staffordshire bull terrier, who was found in a field in rural Northumberland.

He was in a shocking condition and was showing signs of fear aggression, growling angrily whenever anyone came close.

But thanks to SHAK’s work, the pooch is beginning to mellow and, at the weekend, had gained enough trust to allow founder Stephen Wylie to put a lead on him.

Stephen said: “I have decided to call him Ged, because it apparently means brave – one thing this little boy certainly is.

“At the weekend, I decided to step it up a little with Ged. He has progressed so well so quickly it seemed a natural progression to try him on a lead and it went well.”

Another to be making positive steps is Eden – a dog which was born in a Romanian dog shelter, had not been outside in 18 months and was shut down to human interaction.

Since arriving at SHAK in April, she has come on a long way. While she is still nervous, she now has enough confidence to go outside.

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