TV star is taught a lesson by a pair of teenage wrestlers

Powburn Show 2014'Robson Green tries some wrestling.
Powburn Show 2014'Robson Green tries some wrestling.

Winning any sporting contest is special, but for two teenage wrestlers, there is perhaps one victory which they will treasure forever.

Because Harry Bertram and Joe Hale managed to add TV star Robson Green to their list of Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling scalps.

The duo defeated the Hexham-born actor at last year’s Powburn Show while he was filming More Tales from Northumberland, which started earlier this week.

Not a bad feat considering Harry was just 13 at the time of the contest, while Joe was 15.

The pair develop their skills at Rothbury Wrestling Club and their stunning wins are captured in the second episode of the eight-part documentary, to be shown tomorrow on ITV at 8pm.

Both wrestlers were delighted to topple the Soldier, Soldier star.

Harry, who defeated Robson 2-1 in the U11½-stone category, said: “It was fun to wrestle Robson. It was really good and I was really excited, albeit a little bit nervous.

“I was surprised to win because he is strong because he does a lot of fishing.”

Harry, who lives near to Cambo and is now 14, has been wrestling for eight years.

He says the watching Powburn Show crowd cheered, clapped and got on their feet after he defeated Robson and he puts the win down to quickness and speed.

Meanwhile, Joe recorded a 2-0 victory against Robson in the open-age category.

The Rothbury teenager, who turns 16 on Saturday, said: “The experience was great and he was good crack and reacted well with the crowd.”

Robson’s introduction to the ancient sport certainly proved to be a baptism of fire.

But Joe, who has been wrestling since he was eight, believes the actor did well for a beginner.

He said: “I’ve have beaten people who are a lot bigger than me before, but I have to say, he was quite good.

“He didn’t know any of the trips but he had quite a good hold and he nearly got me down in the second fall.”

After trying his hand at wrestling, Robson said: “It is really tough, but it is fantastic and it is great to see it being embraced by a new generation of young Northumbrians.”

He told the Gazette that the experience was one of the highlights of filming, before joking: “Actually, it wasn’t a highlight, it was more of a career low, because I was beaten by a 13-year-old.”

As part of the second episode, he meets three generations of the renowned Davidson wrestling family and speaks to local expert Roger Robson.

He also visits College Valley and is given rare access to military ranges at Otterburn.