TV show Four in a Bed helps pub to pull in trade

Jules Tagger and partner Jan Latimer, of The Wellwood, in Amble, starred in Channel 4 programme, Four in a Bed.
Jules Tagger and partner Jan Latimer, of The Wellwood, in Amble, starred in Channel 4 programme, Four in a Bed.

An Amble pub has been inundated with bookings and positive feedback after appearing on a popular Channel 4 programme.

Jules Tagger and partner Jan Latimer, of The Wellwood, starred on reality game show, Four in a Bed, last week.

The programme, now in its 10th series, sees hoteliers take turns to stay with each other and pay what they consider fair for their stay, as they compete to be crowned the best hosts.

The Northumberland couple went up against Pauline and Mike Hirst, of The Albert, in Scarborough, Bob Calder and Kirsty Laird, of The Registry Guest House, in Aberdeen, and Kate and Karlos Victor, from The Abertay Guest House, near Dundee.

It didn’t end well for Jules and Jan as they finished last, with the other teams each underpaying £12 for their rooms; although the pair think they were ‘too nice’ and their opponents ‘were playing the game’.

But despite coming fourth, Jules believes The Wellwood is still the winner, as the show has attracted business for the venue. Speaking to the Gazette on Monday, he said: “The reaction has been fantastic and it shows you the power of TV and the general consensus was that we were stitched up and robbed by the other contestants.

“We have had 11 room bookings from the show and we have had 67 emails since the show went out last week. On Sunday, nine people came in because they saw us on the show.

“We have had several phone calls to the pub too. One woman who lives in Cramlington told her husband that she is going to stay with us and if he didn’t take her then she would get the bus.”

The Wellwood’s final bill average, as rated by the other contestants, was 83 per cent. The Registry won with 95 per cent.

Critic Kate Victor complained that certain items were not in her £72-per-night room at The Wellwood, such as robes, slippers and cotton wool. Jan and Jules defended this by saying that the cost of the room did not justify such items.

Meanwhile, Mike Hirst complained about the delay at breakfast, while Bob Calder decided to change his order at the last minute for a joke, which led to the other dishes being burnt – much to Jules’ dismay.

During Friday night’s concluding show, Jules said: “I am extremely disappointed. Some of the problems with breakfast weren’t down to myself and I am not taking full responsibility.”

Regardless of the result, chef Jules doesn’t regret going on the show. He said: “It was a great experience. It was hard work, but it was enjoyable.”

The episode at The Wellwood is available to watch on Channel Four On Demand.