Turnaround of planning applications well up on last year


The speed of planning application turnaround at Northumberland County Council is currently far higher this year than in 2014/15.

The cumulative performance on major applications in 2015/16 is currently 78 per cent against a target of 60 per cent being determined within 13 weeks. This compares to 63 per cent in 2014/15.

For minor applications, the performance so far this year is 69 per cent against a target of 65 per cent within eight weeks and compared to 51 per cent last year.

In terms of other applications, where the target is 80 per cent within eight weeks, this year’s figure is currently 93 per cent while last year was 81 per cent.

The same target applies for householder applications and the current figure is 95 per cent, against 87 per cent last year.