TURBINES: Recognise the urgent need

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Your rather lurid front page headline ‘Could we be swamped in turbines?’ prompts me to write in support of onshore wind, (Northumberland Gazette, August 9).

This is the cheapest form of renewable green energy and we must recognise the urgent need to dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and our carbon emissions.

Northumberland has vast areas of windy, open spaces and should be making a big contribution to a national effort to increase green energy production.

People who object to wind farms should consider whether they would rather have nuclear power stations along the coastline, as proposed by the Conservative Government for Druridge in the early 1980s, or is it a question of wanting cheap energy, but not produced in my backyard?

The Conservative approach since 2010 has been to curtail solar and onshore wind development (and recently a tidal power scheme in Wales), while subsidising fossil fuels and nuclear power and promoting fracking. As a result, we are failing to meet our carbon reduction targets.

We can see all over the world the damage already being caused by the global failure to reduce the pace of climate change. If current trends continue, we are more likely to be swamped by rising sea levels than by wind turbines.

We must support the growth of clean, renewable energy production.

Rob Jewitt,

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