Turbine plan prompts village fury

HUGE concerns have been voiced about plans for a 25-metre wind turbine at a Swarland property.

Residents living close to Rivendell, on the edge of the village, raised their objections to the scheme at last week’s Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council meeting.

Richard Lee, who lives at The Coppice, told parish councillors that the turbine would be closer to his family home than that of the applicant.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with it being installed if I couldn’t see it and I couldn’t hear it,” he said.

His wife Joy added: “From the applicant’s property I would imagine it won’t be visible and his property is a bungalow. It is right at the tip of his site. There are other residents that are more in line with it as well.

“The enjoyment of our gardens is going to be ruined. It is just not reasonable to put this on the edge of a rural community.”

Concerns were also raised that the turbine blades would create a constant noise for neighbouring properties and the shadow of the blades during sunlight would create an unnecessary intrusion.

Val Smith, who also lives at The Coppice said: “He makes a good case for having an extra electricity supply but why should it be to the detriment of everybody else.

“He said he already has solar panels on the property, he could have more of them.”

Mrs Lee added that the noise could have a ‘psychological impact’.

Residents were also annoyed at the lack of consultation by Northumberland County Council.

Mrs Lee said that only five properties were informed about the application from the council but fortunately they let other residents know.

The property falls into Felton parish’s boundary, but because it is in Swarland the parish council was given an extension to respond to the application.

Coun Tony Hood, chairman of Felton Parish Council, was also present at the meeting to hear what residents had to say. He told the council that his objections had already been put in.

Coun Brian Long said: “These are unwanted things. I have great experience of them and there is a constant throb all the time.”

Chairman Coun David Rixon said: “I must admit, I am unhappy with the whole thing at the moment.”

Coun Vera Vaggs added: “It is seriously going to affect the people who live near to it.”

The parish council decided to object to the application. Coun Rixon added that the county council is in the process of developing a strategy on wind and the application should be left until that has been completed.