Turbine bids to go under microscope at parish meeting

North Northumberland is in danger of becoming a windfarm landscape, it has been claimed.

Eglingham resident David Biesterfield will be giving a talk to the village’s parish council tomorrow night about schemes in and around the area.

This includes the construction of turbines at nearby Wandylaw and Middlemoor.

But Mr Biesterfield believes that such schemes – along with the ongoing work at Infinis’ Wingates site, to the west of Longhorsley – are just the tip of the iceberg.

He said: “I will be highlighting to the parish council the extraordinary concern I have for the area which I believe is at risk of being overcome with applications.

“If we are not careful, the whole area of north Northumberland is going to become a windfarm landscape.

“All over the county there are concerns from people whose way of life and the area in which they live are under threat.

“The entire county is at threat and I believe that north Northumberland is at a greater threat than most and it is going to take enormous political will to protect the county’s interests.

“Wind turbines, which are the most ineffective form of renewable energy, have a serious impact on the landscape and are intrusive in a landscape like Northumberland.

“Northumberland has made a huge contribution already – it is more than satisfactory – and yet there seems to be no break at the extent of applications being proposed.

“I am deeply concerned about it. This is a question of balance and at some point there has to be recognition that our area is under siege.”

The parish council meeting is open to the public and takes place at South Charlton Village Hall. It starts at 7.30pm.

○ Coun Steven Bridgett has backed Whittingham, Callaly and Alnham Parish Council’s unanimous decision to object to a wind turbine for land associated with Follions Farm, near Lorbottle, as opposition mounts to the scheme.

“It is clear that the vast majority of people in this area object to this turbine application,” he said.