Trust backs bid for peat clampdown

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Northumberland Wildlife Trust is backing a call for the Government to introduce a levy on peat composts bought from garden centres.

Government attempts to phase out peat over the past 10 years have failed and Defra is currently consulting over its new voluntary initiative with a target of phasing out horticultural peat over the next two decades.

Steve Lowe, head of conservation at the Trust, said: “This Trust is working hard to protect the region’s peatlands especially the Border Mires in west Northumberland.

“We have also been campaigning locally as Northumberland still has sites with active permissions and many agencies continue to use peat-based composts in horticultural programmes, despite the range of alternatives available, including compost generated by collection of green waste.”

The Government’s consultation on phasing out peat-based products ends on Friday, March 11.