TRAPPED: Take action on vehicle speed

Your account of Mo and Brian Halliday's predicament is deeply distressing.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 8th September 2018, 6:00 am

Everyone should have the right to access essential services, and the most basic of these is the ability to leave your home in safety without risk from inconsiderate and speeding motorists.

As a resident of Birling, I am similarly affected by the absence of a continuous footway into the village of Warkworth along the busy A1068.

The county council’s decision (at last!) to consider remedying this is positive, but it says nothing about reducing the excessive speed of vehicles, which, by the council’s own survey, consistently exceed the 30mph limit in both directions.

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Additionally, the road has a double dip and a number of blind bends, which impair the visibility of pedestrians and driveways onto the road.

We need to see action quickly to install better and improved signage, extra speed limit signs to ‘remind’ motorists, and also concealed driveway signs.

And what about police speed checks?

This dangerous situation is a real threat to all sections of the community, young and old alike.

Don’t let there be a fatal accident before something is done.

Charles Belcher,