TRAPPED: Just what are the options?

I read with concern the account of my neighbours Mo and Brian Halliday (Northumberland Gazette, August 30), and would like to register my comment and support as follows.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 6:00 am

Your journalist bravely walked the ‘road with no footpath’ from Birling to Warkworth with my neighbours Mo and Brian Halliday, highlighting the risks all residents take to access essential services in the village.

I agree wholeheartedly regarding the terrifying speeds and aggressive attitudes that some motorists seem to adopt when driving into and out of Warkworth.

The A1068 through Birling is like a racetrack and the 30mph limit a joke.

Drivers perceive themselves to be immune from risk, yet if they hit any one of us they would be distraught and in court.

There have been close calls, we have been screamed and gesticulated at as we negotiate the road with no footpath.

Northumbria Police has said in the past that there is no sightline for camera installation, but surely alternative speed reminders or controls could be applied.

Planning for increases in house building North of Warkworth is currently in the news, but where is the road traffic impact assessment of all this new development?

For Mo and Brian, and my fellow neighbours, a dangerous situation persists without any attempt at a remedy.

Northumberland County Council talks of “limited options”. Well, let us hear what they are and implement something practical before there is a dreadful accident.

Elizabeth Howliston,